Privesh Pandey is Associate Producer at India Today Group. He is the channel's Youngest Crime Journalist for crime and investigation beat. He specializes in covering cybercrime, economic offences, forensic investigations, terrorism, ED, DRI, prisons courts and underworld. A seasoned investigative journalist with experience of over 3 years in journalism covering Crime. Many such investigations have been appreciated by Police Department. His coverage in the actor Sushant Singh Rajput death case brought to light the facts in the case. Privesh has experience in reporting from the field and has covered some of the most important events in recent years including Siddhu Mossewala Murder case, Aankita murder case, Sushant singh murder case, Sonali Phogat murder case, Sharddha Murder case, Sushil Kumar case among others. From Delhi riots to Sushant singh murder, Privesh has been at the forefront of all these major news events.